Minecraft is more than pvp and mini-games. There can be creative buildings and roller coasters! Since you can design your own roller coaster, like it can be small but decorated or huge with small details. And when I was just looking around for fun builds, I saw this video about a roller coaster. I’ve tried to make a roller coaster but it wasn’t very good, and soon I stopped building it. I saw one of my friends roller coasters and it was pretty good but lacked a lot of detail. And when I saw this video, it was very appealing since it had loads of details and was very long. And it wasn’t in a flatland either so while you were on the minecart you could see the scenery and everything. That made the journey a whole lot cooler and more exciting. I hope you enjoy <3!

MineCraft Rollercoaster from Julle H on Vimeo.


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